Milestones for 2016 ~ 2017

  • Sept 19

    1st Korea Stewardship Forum jointly hosted by KCGS, Korea Financial Investment Association, and Asia Corporate Governance Association

  • Jun 09

    『Korea Stewardship Code Guide Book ver. 1』 and 『Legal Interpretation of the Korea Stewardship Code』 published and distributed by KCGS and Financial Services Commission respectively

  • Apr ~ Jun

    Korea Stewardship Code Council met three times to review Korea Stewardship Code Guide Book

  • Apr

    Korea Stewardship Code Council reorganized to be tasked with further development of the Code

  • Mar ~ Apr

    Eight Working Group meetings and a working-level discussion with asset managers

  • Feb

    Working Group launched comprising experts from Financial Services Commission, Financial Supervisory Service, Korea Financial Investment Association, Korea Exchange, Korea Capital Market Institute, and KCGS, and independent legal experts to minimize legal uncertainty surrounding the adoption and implementation of the Stewardship Code

  • Feb 13

    KCGS and FSC jointly hosted a meeting with the companies planning to participate in the Korea Stewardship Code

  • Jan ~ Feb

    KCGS held 5 briefing sessions inviting stakeholders and experts by subsector of the financial industry (asset managers, non-life insurers, and life insurers)

  • Dec 19

    Final version of the Korea Stewardship Code, “Principles on the Stewardship Responsibilities of Institutional Investors” publicly released

  • Dec 16

    Korea Stewardship Code finalized

  • Dec 11

    Documented opinions on the draft Korea Stewardship Code received from November 18, 2016

  • Dec 05

    2nd public hearing held to adopt Stewardship Code in Korea

  • Nov 18

    Draft Korea Stewardship Code publicly released

  • Nov

    Views and opinions collected from multiple stakeholders and three Council meetings held

  • Oct

    Visited Japan to meet with and listen to the chair of the Council of Experts Concerning the Japanese Version of the Stewardship Code, the Financial Services Agency, and the Investment Trusts

  • Aug

    Korea Stewardship Code Council reorganized to be led by KCGS. The Council reviewed and revised the initial draft of the Code, listening to a wide range of stakeholders including asset management firms, insurance companies, civic groups, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Federation of Korean Industries, Korea Listed Companies Association, KOSDAQ Listed Companies Association, and National Assembly Research Service

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