Korea Stewardship Code Council

The Korea Stewardship Code Council has been set up to provide necessary supports so the stewardship code may be implemented effectively and take hold in the Korean capital markets. The Council is engaging in diverse activities including listening to the voices from various stakeholders and monitoring how the Code is implemented at the overall market level.

Council led by the government

Joined by Financial Supervisory Service, Korea Corporate Governance Service, Korea Financial Investment Association, Korea Capital Market Institute, asset management firms, etc. under the leadership of Financial Supervisory Commission

Council led by KCGS

Aimed at promoting market-based discipline and expertise, the Council was reorganized to include academics, removing government authorities from the members.

  • Reviewed and revised draft Principles for a public hearing
  • Collected views from diverse stakeholders
  • Drafted and publicly disclosed the finalized Korea Stewardship Code
Council tasked to work for further development of the Code

The Council reorganized to ensure the Code takes hold and is implemented effectively.

  • Undertakes revision of the Code
  • Provides supports for publication of Korea Stewardship Code Guide Book
  • Collects views from various stakeholders
  • Provides other assistance relating to the Code

Key Milestones

  • May

    Korea Stewardship Code Council reorganized to be tasked with further development of the Code

  • Dec.

    The Korea Stewardship Code publicly released

    Public opinions collected

    Finalized version of the Korea Stewardship Code released

    Stakeholder views collected

  • Nov.

    2nd public hearing for the adoption of Stewardship Code

  • Aug.

    Korea Stewardship Code Council reorganized to be led by KCGS

  • Dec.

    Draft version of the Korea Stewardship Code was made public in the 1st public hearing

  • Mar.

    Korea Stewardship Code Council formed under the leadership of the government

  • Nov.

    The Financial Services Commission unveiled its plan to adopt Stewardship Code in the market.

Chair and Members


Cho, Myeong Hyeon Cho, Myeong Hyeon

Professor of Business, Korea University


  • Kim, Jin Eok Kim, Jin Eok

    Korea Financial Investment Association
    Head of Legislative Affairs Department

  • Kim, Hyung Seok Kim, Hyung Seok

    Korea Corporate Governance Service
    Research Fellow

  • Park, Yoo Kyung Park, Yoo Kyung

    APG Asset Management Asia-Pacific Head,
    Global Responsible Investment & Governance

  • Song, Min Kyung Song, Min Kyung

    Korea Corporate Governance Service
    Senior Research Fellow

  • Shin, Seong Mook Shin, Seong Mook

    Samsung Asset Management
    Chief Compliance Officer

  • Shin, Jhin Young Shin, Jhin Young

    Professor of Business, Yonsei University

  • Lee, Won Il Lee, Won Il

    CEO, Zebra Investment Management

  • Ahn, Soo Hyun Ahn, Soo Hyun

    Professor of Law, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

  • Jung, Yoon Mo Jung, Yoon Mo

    Korea Capital Market Institute
    Senior Research Fellow

  • Hong, Sung Ki Hong, Sung Ki

    Mirae Asset Global Investments
    Compliance Officer

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