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No, it is not.

Institutional investors can decide how to implement the Principles. That is, they can decide with their own discretion which Principles to adopt based on their investment philosophy and other circumstances. Depending on the asset class, investment time horizon, management methods, etc., the extent and level of implementation may be decided.

Still, it is required to explain the reason(s) and alternative(s) to the clients and beneficiaries under the ‘comply or explain’ approach if there is any Principle that is not implemented. In case different Principles and implementation methods are adopted across asset classes or specific investment funds, it is desirable that the reason behind different treatment and the concrete details be disclosed along with future timeline and plans.



You can modify the submitted participation plan and re-submit the updated one, taking the following steps on this website:

1) Participants List > Preliminary participants
2) Click on the name of the company in the list > Update > Enter the password
3) Update the participation plan and submit the same

There is no disadvantage in submitting an updated plan. The updating history and the date of latest update are only recorded and disclosed.

If you wish to withdraw the submitted participation plan, please contact the KCGS Stewardship Code Center at stewardshipcode@cgs.or.kr or +82-2-6951-3902.

No, it is not mandatory to do so. 

The Korea Stewardship Code recommends that non-financial factors be incorporated in the investment decision-making and monitoring process. Such incorporation is deemed to help control or manage the inherent risk in an ex-ante manner. It will benefit both investors and companies in the form of higher mid-to-long-term returns and sustainable growth. 

However, an institutional investor may adopt its own criteria taking into account constraints in terms of internal capabilities, organizational structure, size of the assets under management, and available resources.

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