Korea Corporate Governance Service (KCGS)

KCGS has set up the Korea Stewardship Code Center with the aim of providing various practical supports so more institutional investors join the Korea Stewardship Code and effectively discharge their fiduciary responsibilities, and ultimately help the Korean capital market taken to the next level.

The Korea Stewardship Code Center is comprised of researchers specialized in stewardship code and has an array of best practice data from Korea and overseas accumulated from the research activities the center has thus far performed.

As per the Recommendations from the Korea Stewardship Code,KCGS carries out the following activities:

Recommendations from the Korea Stewardship Code
  • As the organization that examines and monitors the trend of the implementation of the Korea Stewardship Code, it is recommended that the Korea Corporate Governance Service examine the appropriateness of the Code’s detailed contents every two years.
  • When the participants of the Korea Stewardship Code or the market at large request, or when the need arises, it is recommended that the Korea Corporate Governance Service prepare and publicly release explanatory documents and undertake measures to introduce overseas examples in order to assist in the understanding and actual implementation of the Code’s detailed contents.
  • The Korea Stewardship Code stipulates that the Korea Corporate Governance Service examine and monitor market trends as part of its work. Apart from this work, it is recommended for future discussion the need to examine the implementation of the Code by participating institutional investors separately, as well as the organization in charge, and the scope of its work.
  • 01

    Creating and revising the Korea Stewardship Code Guide Book and shareholder engagement guidelines

  • 02

    Providing supports for domestic institutional investors joining & implementing the Code

  • 03

    Research on Code participation and implementation trends

  • 04

    Providing supports for the operation of Korea Stewardship Code Council

  • 05

    Launching and managing a dedicated website

  • 06

    Hosting briefing sessions

  • 07

    Providing information useful for institutional investors’ shareholder engagement (e.g. VIP)

  • 08

    Research on global trends concerning stewardship code and relevant institutional improvements

  • 09

    Research on policy tasks and legal improvements to promote stewardship code and responsible investment

KCGS Stewardship Code Center

+82-2-3775-3339 / stewardshipcode@cgs.or.kr

Market Square of Korea Exchange Seoul Office, 76 Yeouinaru-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea



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